Addiction Cat Wild Islands Birds Chicken, Duck & Turkey 1.8Kg SKU 79250

  • Complete and balanced cat food.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon and flaxseed promote healthy skin and a lustrous coat.
  • Enriched with chelated minerals to help boost your buddy’s nutrient absorption.
  • 100% free from GMOs and added growth hormones.
  • Taurine is included to promote your kitty’s eye and heart health.
  • Addiction Grain-Free Salmon Bleu Dry Cat Food is a feline favorite! This complete and balanced meal is crafted with New Zealand King Salmon as the standout ingredient, along with wholesome fruits and veggies. Plus, this cat food is naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids from salmon and flaxseed to promote your cat companion’s skin and coat health!
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Duck, Turkey & Chicken WHOLE PREY DIET

In the wild, cats thrive on a protein-rich and low-carbohydrate diet. That’s why Island Birds has ultrahigh protein levels at 45% and is free from potato, corn, soy and wheat. Island Birds is made with premium New Zealand Duck and Turkey which are highly flavorful and digestible. With nutrient-dense organ meats and antioxidant-rich Green-lipped Mussel, Manuka Honey and Kiwifruit, Island Birds offers your cats a nutritious, whole prey diet.

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