SingApaw Dental Chew (Medium) Milk Bar with goat milk (Peanut) 2 pcs SKU76264

Singapaw Milk Bar Peanut Dog Chew are long-lasting chews that are made with goat & cow milk powder from New Zealand, Australia & Holland!Enriched with high contents of protein, calcium & vitamins, Sing-A-Paw Milk Bar Peanut Dog Chew are suitable for dogs with low lactose intolerance and meat allergies. 

Singapaw Milk Bar Peanut Dog Chew can help keep your dog’s mouth clean by removing plaque and tartar, all while keeping him entertained for hours!

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Sing-A-Paw Milk Bar Peanut Dog Chew are long-lasting chews that are made with goat & cow milk powder from New Zealand, Australia & Holland!Enriched with high contents of protein, calcium & vitamins, Sing-A-Paw Milk Bar Peanut Dog Chew are suitable for dogs with low lactose intolerance and meat allergies. 

Sing-A-Paw Milk Bar Peanut Dog Chew can help keep your dog’s mouth clean by removing plaque and tartar, all while keeping him entertained for hours!

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